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  • 8:00 PM
    Civil War Terror:
    Civil War Terror
    Civil War Terror Civil War Terror
    Tune in: Saturday, November 22 @ 8:00 PM ET/PT

    This is the largely untold story of a war waged by secret agents and spies on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line. These are tales of hidden conspiracies of terror that specifically targeted the civilian populations. Engineers of chemical weapons, new-fangled explosives and biological warfare competed to topple their enemy. With insight from Civil War authorities, we debunk the long-held image of a romantic and gentlemanly war. To revisit the past, we incorporate written sources, archival photographs and newspaper headlines. Our reenactments bring to life key moments in our historical characters' lives and in each of the horrific terrorist plots.

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  • 10:00 PM
    Child Warriors:
    Child Warriors
    Child Warriors Child Warriors
    Tune in: Saturday, November 22 @ 10:00 PM ET/PT

    Children as young as seven years old have become hardened combat soldiers and there are currently 300,000 children under the age of eighteen fighting in three-fourths of the world's conflicts. Never before in history have children been used on such a large scale. Some are drugged to stay and fight; others simply have nowhere to go and know nothing else. Technology has reduced the need for expert combat skills, and the proliferation of arms in conflict areas has made the child a serious threat on the battlefield. This special chronicles the incredible personal story of Ishmael Beah, a former child soldier in Sierra Leone's civil war, and the author of the best selling book A Long Way Gone - Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. Also profiled is Yasmin Ardila, a girl child soldier from Colombia, who at the age of sixteen lost her leg when she stepped on a landmine, while fighting for a rebel group.

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  • 11:00 PM
    Tactical To Practical:
    18 - Deep Sea Exploration/Blimps and Dirigibles/Snow Gear
    Tactical To Practical 18 - Deep Sea Exploration/Blimps and Dirigibles/Snow Gear
    Tune in: Saturday, November 22 @ 11:00 PM ET/PT

    All submariners share a nightmare--being trapped alive on the bottom of the sea. Host Hunter Ellis takes an in-depth look at the history and technology of submarine rescue, and at famed treasure hunter Mel Fisher's search for the treasure of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which went down in 1622. Next, Hunter examines the history of dirigibles and their use by the military and for civilian exploration. Then, he explores military application of snow gear, and plays with cool new commercial snow toys.

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